Artwork Specifications

Do you need artwork produced?!

We offer award winning custom design services.

  • Digital artwork saved as a EPS, TIFF, PSD, or JPEG file. The file should be 300 dpi for the actual print size.
  • The original hard copy of the artwork; Solid tones only- gradients must be converted to halftones or they will not show up.
  • If you do save your file as a JPEG, do not compress it. The more you compress a JPEG the more pixilated it becomes. This will not read well on a screen print.
  • Do not take artwork from the web. It is generally only 72 dpi, so it will not print well. Also, many of the images on the web are copyrighted, so using them would be illegal.

Pointers for creating art for a silk screened print:

  • Make your design using solid tones. Fades, gradients and shadows are not typically used in silkscreen art because in order to use them the image must be converted to half tone dots. This isn’t necessarily a difficult thing, however, high quality fabric ink is very thick and it doesn’t always register well with halftone dots. Use solid fills and outlines for best results
  • Use your background. Take advantage of your background by utilizing it as an extra color.
  • Ensure that the edges of your design are crisp. When your design is printed any little flubs will be much more noticeable.

If you are confident of your artwork, attach it to an email addressed to:

***If you are in Haines; you are encouraged to call shtümpa at 406.600.9802 (Kevin’s Cell) -or- 766.2961 (Shtümpaville), that way we can meet up and do all of this in person.

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