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We love bicycles… and riding them.

Pedal Hard!

Hinder Staut Trailer- contact for pricing

This is the classic design; light, maneuverable, and strong!

This trailer is perfect for the daily errand runner who doesn’t want to carry a bunch of junk on their back.

  • can hold over 250 pounds!
  • Fits through most standard doors.
  • Made out of repurposed bed frames.  Strong and eco-savvy… sooooeee!


Long Lod Trailer- contact for pricing

We have been trying to create a bike trailer that can be used to haul all of the harder manage to things people lug around on a daily basis. The Long Lod can do just that, the base frame is the same as the ‘hinder staut’; for carrying errand items like groceries, small hardware, and gear.Then, snap out the hitch arm and the modular design will carry long rigid items, from kayaks/canoes to loads of 2×4’s.

The ‘long lod’ can hold more weight then you will want to pull on a bicycle.

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