We wholeheartedly support local business… in fact, we built our business around that effort. We want to see more young folks creating their own future in Southeast Alaska- when local small businesses thrive, we all grow.

Businesses and people with no competition/motivation become stale. When customers have no alternatives to choose from, there is no incentive to innovate- Continuous competition ensures that we all continue to evolve.

Seth Godin’s Blog : Lessons from very tiny businesses This guy is incredibly smart, and has made a life of sharing his knowledge, FOR FREE (and made a heck of a lot of dough doing it!). Check out the daily blog!

High-quality folks running quality businesses:

(in no particular order)

Dejon Delights

These guys (Scott & Damon) are great, and their smoked salmon is brilliant; locally caught, locally smoked- totally stoked! Check out their new shop in Skagway on 3rd Ave.

Alaska Rod’s

Rodney Hinson and his wife Rhonda are our neighbors- they make really cool dymondwood handle knives, as well as all natural balms and salves. You can find their products in Haines; 2nd & Main in the first floor of the Chisel building.

Alaska Mountain Guides & the International Wilderness Leadership School

These guys (now run by Jason Gaffney, Sean Gaffney & Eli Fierer) are the direct reason that shtümpa exists in Haines. They’ve been giving incredible work & life experiences to folks for well over a decade- Thank you!

Chilkat Environmental

Jackie, Elijah & Will provide efficient and cost effective environmental solutions throughout Alaska.

Chilkat Guides
Hike And Float
Chilkat Guides is a rafting company based out of Haines, Alaska, specializing in one day cruise ship programs, and extended expedition trips.

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